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We’re proud to introduce four very special teachers.

These nurse educators excel at integrating professional and interpersonal skills into the education of their students — skills that make the best nurses so memorable. They’re strong patient advocates who model empathetic care, and put their patients at ease with effective interpersonal communication. And they’re also teaching their students how to be an indispensible member of a team. We thank them for the difference they make in the lives of their students!

Raelene Brooks

Raelene Brooks is the director of nursing at Mt. San Jacinto College in San Jacinto, California. Brooks’ nomination stood out because of her success integrating skills like professional communication, managing work-related stress, and patient advocacy into classes at Mt. San Jacinto. Brooks teaches these concepts by making herself an example. According to her nominator, “Brooks is a strong, effective professional nurse leader in the local, state and national nursing arena. She subscribes to a model of servant leadership which serves the needs of others, is grounded in ethical and moral commitment and reflects her standards of personal and professional integrity. In her roles as teacher, director and student she beautifully and humbly reflects professional and effective nursing.” Brooks is credited for being a “transformational leader who will enrich our discipline and our practice” through her teaching.

  • Mt. San Jacinto College |
  • California

Dr. Terri Liberto

Dr. Terri Liberto is an assistant professor and department chair at La Roche College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Liberto received multiple nominations, and each nominator mentioned her communication skills, professionalism, and approachability, while setting an extraordinary example for her students. Said one nominator, “While professionalism is taught across the college curriculum and emphasized in Terri's courses; she is most effective in providing an example of how a professional should behave. She demonstrates the professional nursing traits of care, compassion, and knowledge in all that she does at the college, while demonstrating a passion and persistence to assure the best outcomes for her students, the program, and the profession.”

  • La Roche College |
  • Pennsylvania

Stephen Campbell

Stephen Campbell is a professor at Rasmussen College School of Nursing in Ocala, Florida. Students and administrators nominated Campbell for his ability to go the extra mile when students need help. Students praised Campbell for reminding them to eat healthily, relieve stress, exercise and maintain balance in their lives in order to be at their best for patients. One nominator mentioned that he often reminds students, “This is a noble profession. Many times, we are present at the weakest moment in a patient’s life and they need a compassionate, caring and professional nurse."

  • Rasmussen College School of Nursing |
  • Florida

Julie Baldwin

Julie Baldwin is an assistant professor and BSN pre-licensure coordinator at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri. Baldwin was selected for this award because of her professionalism, commitment to a variety of student organizations, and exemplary service in the United States Air Force Reserves Nursing Corp since 1993. According to her nominator, Baldwin “consistently develops unique methods of challenging the students and preparing them for their professional career. She displays creativity in her teaching, including the use of applied learning opportunities through case studies and high fidelity simulations in the classroom and lab to encourage students’ participation in learning. Her personal philosophy of inspiring a passion for learning and leadership is clearly shown in her day to day work with students.”

  • Missouri Western State University |
  • Missouri

Each educator will receive a complimentary reservation at the 2015 ATI National Nurse Educator Summit in San Diego, California plus room and board and a $500 travel voucher. The Summit is a four-day professional development conference featuring hundreds of nurse educators from across the country. They will also receive Nurse’s Touch™ for use in their classroom for one year.